We believe that sustainable building practices are necessary for the health and longevity of our planet.


The key objectives of companies considering sustainable office concepts are reducing operating costs (energy, more efficient use of space), protecting the environment, significantly improving the working environment and improving the public image of the company and its employees.
We see this as an assignment to all builders and project developers to respond to these requests with new ways of thinking.
Therefore, we actively support the development of sustainable real estate in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and also in the Ukraine.

We are a founding member of ÖGNI - Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate, SKGBC - Slovak Green Building Council, member of HGBC - Hungarian Green Building Council and HSZG - Croatia Green Building Council.

In 2010 we obtained one of the first ÖGNI certifications. "EcoPoint 1" in Kosice received in 2014 the highest possible points of LEED certification in Slovakia. The building has now been the most sustainable office building in Slovakia for four years. In 2018, the second component was completed. For the Humboldthafen building in Berlin, which we developed together with OVG, we achieved the first DGNB platinum award. In Budapest, too, we are currently planning innovative building technology concepts for the "Alphagon" project.

All our projects are executed according to the principles of sustainable construction. We are happy to provide our know-how and experience regarding "Green Building" developers and investors.